President's Message April 2016

It’s now another month and we’re another month closer to the June Primary and the November Election!  It seems like this has been going on for such a long time, doesn’t it?  I believe it’s because we’re having such contentious elections and so much animosity among our candidates.  Let’s please try and keep the discourse civil, courteous, and above-board!  We can’t give the Democrats any more ammunition for the General Election!  We can all agree to disagree on which candidates we think will be the best for our County, State, and Federal offices.  We just have to UNITE in the end and ALL VOTE REPUBLICAN!  No sitting out the elections because your candidate may not have won.  If we do that . . . we lose!  It is imperative that we elect a Republican to the White House, especially since there is going to probably be a number of vacancies to fill on the U.S. Supreme Court!  If a Democrat (and I won’t even say a name!) is elected, it will take generations for our beloved Country to recover, if at all.   It’s going to be hard enough to recover from the previous eight years! 

A large number of our members are delegates to this weekend’s Multi-County and State Assemblies.  It’s wonderful that so many of you stepped up to participate in this election process.  Good luck to all who are also running for National Delegate!

As you can see, our program for this month is about Amendment #69.  If you are not familiar with this Amendment, you MUST educate yourself, your family and friends.  This proposed single-payer health system will change our State Constitution and our State in a truly dramatic way.  Please come to the meeting to hear our own Jeff Wasden and Kelly Sloan from the Centennial Institute who is coming over from Grand Junction to educate us on this terrible Amendment which will be on the ballot in November.  You can check out the highlights and the full bill on Amendment #69 at the Independence Institute’s website at under Issues/Health Care.  Bring your friends and family, too!

Congratulations to the DCRW members who are running for County offices; they are listed elsewhere in this Newsletter.  

Many thanks to our DougCo candidates who participated in our Commissioner Forum at the March meeting:  Dave Gill and DCRW members Roger Partridge, Monica Wasden, and Lora Thomas.  We had a great turnout and the Forum was certainly well-received by everyone. 

Our 2016 Membership Directory is at the printers and we’ll have them to distribute at the April 20th meeting.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you then!

Yours in Freedom and Liberty,

Marsha smiley

Marsha Haeflein
DCRW President