President's Message November 2016

With only a week away until Election Day, this election is already one that will certainly go down in history!  With Donald Trump’s polls actively rising, we can only hope that in these last few days that he can pull off a victory.  It’s hard to believe that with the tremendous turnouts he’s getting at the rallies all over the U.S., that he won’t win the election, isn’t it? For the sake and survival of our wonderful Nation, let’s pray that he can pull this off!   I don’t need to go over again WHY he needs to win or how the MSM is against Trump by a ratio of 90+% or how the Clintons are more than corrupt in all their dealings for 30+ years or how HRC has done nothing while she was Secretary of State but line their own pockets through their Foundation or how her policies will finally push our Country over the proverbial cliff or, or, or . . . but it’s up to us to help Trump and all our other Republican candidates over the finish line!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help out with the precinct walking, phone calls, etc., so we can say that we did our part in this historic election.  All our Republicans can’t do this without our help!

One way to help out is to volunteer at the Parker GOP Victory Office at 19563 E. Mainstreet, Suite 201, in Parker.  Adam Johnson is the new Director for Douglas County and he’s doing a great job!  He will welcome you with open arms!  Adam can be reached at 303-601-2622 or .  Adam really needs a lot of help so, if you haven’t been able to help out before, now is your chance!  J

Don’t forget our DCRW Rocks the Vote! Night this Thursday, November 3rd, at the Parker GOP Office.  The Board will be there with food and drinks while you help us make those important phone calls to those voters who have not yet cast their ballots.  It is easy to do and we’re just urging them to get their ballots in right away before it’s too late.  We look forward to having you help us out!  Let’s do our part in turning COLORADO RED!!  


We do not meet in December so, after this month, our next meeting will be on January 18th.  We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year! 

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at our November 16th luncheon meeting!  

Yours in Freedom and Liberty,

Marsha  :-)

Marsha Haeflein DCRW President