President's Message March 2017

It has been 40+ days now since the Inauguration of President Donald Trump (Hooray!) and he has already accomplished a monumental amount of actions that he promised us that he would do during his campaign! Now if only the Dems would get with the act and confirm the rest of his Cabinet and lower nominees, he will really get the Trump Train rolling! Did you like the President’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress as much as I did?! I thought he hit it out of the park and even some of the liberal media had to admit that it was a true Presidential speech. Of course, the media has now been negatively focusing on AG Jeff Sessions and his “talk with the Russian Ambassador” as if it was a secret meeting to see how the Russians could help Trump get elected. Hogwash! I believe that Sessions appropriately explained the situation but the Left will keep this on the front burner as long as possible to steer the news away from all the good works that the Administration is doing for the American people. It was truly despicable how the Dems refused to stand at the President’s speech when he was talking about so many honorable issues that affect us all. In my humble opinion, it is really getting more than tiring and very frustrating to hear the constant hypocrisy that the Left is throwing at us on a daily basis. Arrgh! I believe the Republicans have to peacefully stand up to the garbage that is being thrown at us. Additionally, the D.C. Republicans have to UNITE behind our President and give him the support that he needs to fulfill what we elected him to do to Make America Great Again! OK, I’ll get down off the soapbox for now!

There are many events in the works that you can attend to help support the Republican cause. Check out the Calendar of Meetings/Events in this issue to see some of the great activities you can attend.

I will be giving a short presentation on behalf of DCRW at the Colorado Women’s Bar Association on March 9th to help promote DCRW and hopefully bring in some new members. Jeanette NewVille and I will be attending their Forum on how women can become more politically involved. I urge all of you to reach out to your circle of influence to invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to come and experience the DCRW experience! It is up to all of us to bring new members into the fold. Remember that the mid-term elections are not that far off so we have to expand our base now.

In addition to handing out a questionnaire at the last meeting to see if you would like to serve in any number of positions and/or activities associated with the smooth running of DCRW, we are also including it in this Newsletter. If you have not already done so, please fill it out and return it to me as soon as possible either via email or regular mail. There is a lot of work to do to “keep the ship afloat” and we always need volunteers! Remember, Republican women are the backbone of the Republican Party and that also trickles down to the local RW clubs.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on March 15th to hear our Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton!

Yours in Freedom and Liberty,

Marsha :-)

Marsha Haeflein DCRW President