President's Message February 2016

The race for the Presidential nomination is now on and gaining speed!  Caucuses, debates, political ads, and almost constant media attention on the candidates.  Right now, November seems a long way off!  I just wish our Republican candidates would ramp down on all the negative ads and responses . . . it is just giving the Dems food for fodder!  Just inform us on your vision and plans for bringing us back to a fiscally, conservative, and responsible Nation without trashing your competition.  Of course, this doesn’t apply to the Dems!  They can trash each other as much as they want!  J

Not only is the election for President on our minds, we have many local, State, and National offices where our Republican candidates need our help via our time, talent, and treasure. Please choose your candidates wisely and start to help them on their campaigns.  It has always been said that the real power and force behind the candidates are the Republican women!  Let’s not let them down . . . become informed and engaged!  Step up and work for your chosen candidates!

As previously announced, I encourage everyone to support our 2016 Membership Directory by not only renewing your membership and inviting family and friends to also join, but to consider taking out an advertisement whether it’s for your business, candidacy, or just wishing DCRW a successful year.  Your ad will help us to defray the cost of printing the Directory and is only open to DCRW members.  Complete information can be found on the flyer in this newsletter.  Many thanks to Darla Christiansen and Jeanette NewVille who are currently contacting all of you as a reminder to get your dues in by the February 17th meeting.

Your new DCRW Board was duly installed at the January meeting by past CFRW and DCRW President Marolyn Scheffel . . . thanks, Marolyn, for doing such a great job AND for the roses and balloons!

This is a wonderful month to remember our Founding Fathers and the Republic that they gave us . . . it is our responsibility to keep those fires burning and take back our Country from the edge of the abyss that has been eating away at us over the past 7+ years.  Get out your copy of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and read it . . . and then read it again and again!  Become familiar with these founding documents . . . they are our lifeline!

Our guest speaker for February will be the great Congressman Mike Coffman!  Mike is always prepared to give us the lowdown on what is happening in Washington.  I know you will enjoy hearing from him.  Please plan to join us and bring a friend or two to enjoy the DCRW experience! Yours in Freedom and Liberty,
Marsha :-)

Marsha Haeflein

DCRW President