President's Message March 2016

With the Colorado Caucuses and Super Tuesday now over, I hope all of you were able to participate in this grass-roots effort to become more informed and engaged in our political system. If you were elected a delegate or alternate to the Douglas County Assembly on March 19th, please meet and learn what the candidates stand for before you vote at the County or State Assemblies. Do NOT just count on what others tell you about a your own research to find out if that candidate(s) are what you truly want in office! This is an extremely important election on all levels! Please do your homework!

As I mentioned last month, even though the Presidential race is beginning to look like a 3rd grade playground brawl, if your candidate does not win, don’t take your ball and go home! VOTE REPUBLICAN no matter who the nominee turns out to be. Our entire Country is at stake and we can’t afford to have Hillary in the White House and nominating Supreme Court justices! Not voting or voting for a third party is just the same as voting for her. And on the local and State level, we are all good, adult Republicans who can agree to disagree. Let’s keep our discourse on a mature and responsible level. There is no need to keep shooting ourselves in the foot at every election cycle and giving the Dems more ammunition to use against our candidates leading up to the General Election. Think before you speak and/or write on social media. 

Do our Republican candidates need your help? Of course! Please choose one, two or three and help them in their campaigns by giving of your time, talent, and treasure as you are able. DCRW’s main reason for existence is to help Republicans get elected so become engaged and work hard for your chosen candidate(s). 

Are you aware of AMENDMENT 69?  If not, please study this proposed change to our Colorado Constitution which, if passed on this year’s ballot, will make Colorado a Single-Payer Health Care System.  We’ve included an Issue Brief provided by the Independence Institute on the terrible ramifications that would befall Colorado if this Amendment is passed.  You can just Google this and come up with as much information as you can read (including the entire bill) which will scare the socks off of you!  There is too much information to include right here so please research this yourself.  Again, become engaged and informed!  

In our effort to keep all of our members informed, our program for March 16th will be a Candidate Forum featuring the four candidates for Douglas County Commissioners.  You certainly don’t want to miss this one!   Please plan to join us and bring a friend or two to enjoy the DCRW experience! 

Yours in Freedom and Liberty,
Marsha :-)
Marsha Haeflein
DCRW President