President's Message May 2016

We all wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our DCRW mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and all the wonderful women in our lives whom we love, honor, and respect for all that they’ve done for us and for our Country!  
We also wish you a Happy Memorial Day!  Please see the information in this Newsletter regarding the Memorial Ceremonies planned in Douglas County for us to remember our fallen military heroes who served our Country . . . All Gave Some and Some Gave All!  

I’ve had to rewrite this paragraph since the results of the Indiana Primary have just been announced and Sen. Ted Cruz has suspended his bid for President so it seems that Donald Trump will be our presumptive Republican nominee.  Who would have thought last summer that this Presidential campaign would have turned out like it is doing now?  No one would have believed it!   I know I’ve said this before and this is directed to the #NeverTrump movement  . . . PLEASE, PLEASE don’t sit out this election!  There is too much at stake to not vote for our nominee and I know all of you are aware of how critical this election is to our Country!  Every under-vote for Trump will be a plus vote for “her.”  Not only do we have to keep “her” out of the White House, just consider the importance of who will be sitting on the Supreme Court.  If a Democrat wins, liberal judges will be appointed and it will be generations, if at all, before we can even begin to recover.  It will also be detrimental to all of our Republicans on the ballot from the top down. This election has divided our Party as never before but we must UNITE as a Party!  Let’s not let this division keep us from working together so our Republican candidates can survive so we can truly make a difference in bringing our Country back to economic stability, military strength, etc., etc., etc.  WE MUST UNITE AND VOTE REPUBLICAN!

I hope all of you are now aware of Amendment #69 (Single-payer health care) and the disastrous effects it will have on all of us in Colorado if this is passed in November.  Please copy and distribute the high-lights on #69 from the Independence Institute ( ) to your medical doctors, friends, neighbors, etc., which were printed in our March Newsletter.  Many in the medical community have not yet heard about this so they have to be educated and informed!

We are also happy to announce that we will be hosting our Republican U.S. Senate candidates at an evening Candidate Forum on Wednesday, June 22nd, at 6:30 p.m.  See further information in this Newsletter.  Come and bring your friends and neighbors!

Our 2016 Membership Directory and the updated tri-fold were distributed at the April meeting so, if you were not there, you’ll be able to pick them up at the May 18th meeting.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you then!

Yours in Freedom and Liberty,

Marsha  smiley

Marsha Haeflein

DCRW President